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Christian Worship

Public Worship. Gathering together of the congregation is a basic part of Christian life. Where two or three gather for prayer, singing, devotion, study and decision making; there is Christian worship. When thousands gather outdoors or in buildings to honor God, there is Christian worship. Worship is sometimes led by formal leaders and at other times by persons who simply arise from the company of people present. 
Private Devotion.   Individuals focus on the personal presence of Jesus using the Bible, traditional prayers, spontaneous words and sounds, poems and other media that bring serenity and clarity of mind.  Some persons find that health of body and peace of mind grow out of such private devotional living. 
Sacraments. Holy actions prescribed by Scripture and the Church are often involved in worship gatherings. The most widely used across all of Christianity are Baptism and Holy Communion.

Baptism.  Water is used to symbolize the new and clean life that comes when Jesus is present in a person. Link to baptism information.

Holy Communion  Bread and wine (grape juice) are shared during worship. Believers find that the body and blood of Jesus transforms persons into the people of God. (Also known as The Mass, Lords Supper, or Eucharist)

The Church year, beginning with Advent, is the framework within which all Christian worship happens. Look at the flow of the seasons at Calendar.

The historic Creeds of the Church include The Apostles Creed and 
The Nicene Creed. These statements of believe are involved in services of worship and in devotional exercises as well as study events. 

The Text This Week  Weekly resources for texts used in the Revised Common Lectionary.

The Compline Choir Presentation of the music of the traditional Compline service based in a church in Minnesota. Listen on line. 

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