Milvian Bridge Day - October 28

The purpose for observing this day:

    Greater understanding of the relationship between religions and culture with a
    specific focus on the Christian experience.

The elements of such an observance




Examples of subject matter

    Examining the relation of a religion with a government
    Examination of historical roots of religion/state situations

    Particular community expressions of religion/state relationships

    Develop strategies to influence religion/state relationships

    Silent community gathering reflections on the present state of affairs

    Relationship between world religions with various approaches to government

Possible formats

    Conversations between individuals

    Small group conversations

    Parties to observe attention to religion/state issues

    Individual silent retreats focused on religion/state issues

    Greeting cards presenting the themes of Milvian Bridge Day

    Class room discussions of religion/state issues

    Bring the subject up in random conversations

Be part of creating a widely used observance that focuses on a long term issue with present day impact on world societies and religions.

For conversation on this matter send an email to

Delton Krueger - Minnesota - USA
February 6, 2008